An Example of Magazine Cover Mounts and CDsMagazine Cover Mounts and CDs

S&N duplicate the cover mounts and CDs of many magazines, and provide the graphics and cases of each CD - a new batch of CDs and cover mounts are usually created every month. (You can see an example of a magazine cover mount to the right - these are CD duplicates in a colour printed card wallet).

S&N duplicate several million CDs for magazine publications a year.

Graphics and Artwork

S&N also design graphics and artwork for most of the duplicates they produce. If you are interested in having S&N design some artwork for your duplicates, they can give you expert advice and talk through through ideas with you, so you can be sure that you receive your duplicates exactly as you want. (There is an extra cost for graphics and artwork.)


S&N can provide your duplicates in cases or boxes, and there are many choices to choose from:

Jewel Case - Examples DVD Case - Examples
Jewel Cases - holds 1 - 5 discs DVD Cases - holds either 1 or 3 discs
Unikeep Box - Examples Plastic Sleeve and Colour Printed Card Wallets - Examples

Unikeep Box - holds up to 12 discs

Plastic Sleeves/Colour Printed Card Wallets - each holds 1 disc per case

If you are interested in how much it will cost to create your CD/DVDs, you can view prices or get a free quote.