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This will calculate the price of duplicating one master disc. If you need to duplicate multiple discs, please contact us for a competitive quote.

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CDs Disc Type: Standard (silver) discs
DVDs White discs

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1 disc per case
2 discs per case
3 discs per case
4 discs per case
5 discs per case
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1 disc per case
3 discs per case
Other Options: Unikeep Box (12 discs, £1.50*)
  Plastic Sleeves (1 disc, 5p*)
  Colour printed card wallets (1 disc, 15p)
  None (FREE, duplicates will be supplied on a spindle or in a box)
No. of Boxes:
(if left blank, the no. of boxes needed will be calculated automatically.)

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* Price per unit, i.e. ordering 100 CDs with a 2-disc jewel case will mean you get 50 cases with 2 CDs in each case.

** All the CDs will be already in their case/box when you receive them. This costs 10p extra per unit. If you do not choose pre-packed, the boxes and CDs will be seperate.

*** Prices shown are exclusive of VAT. This is a calculator only, this does not send any order information to S&N. When ordering, you are required to give these order details again.